SPA Enclosure Domes

Excelite SPA Dome made of high-quality polycarbonate sheet, with very limited aluminum profiles. This offers 360 degree see-through enclosure for your outdoor SPA or hot tub. Excelite SPA dome is not a SPA Enclosure, it’s also a garden igloo. You can put sofa inside of it, enjoy warm sunshine in the winter time, or you can use Excelite SPA dome as an outdoor bar or lounge. It will be very relaxing have a bath under winter sunshine with a glass of wine.

Obviously, SPA dome is not just for SPA, you can use for your jacuzzi, hot tub, or round swimming pool as a swimming pool enclosure. It’s just a sunroom in your backyard. You can enjoy your backyard or your SPA all year around, no matter what weather condition, what climates. It’s just simple cozy inside.

If the climate is very hot, you can open the door and windows, we also offer an openable roof top. It allows air flow inside, and let the water vapor go out.

Excelite SPA dome has a unique curtain system too, the roof top is automatic curtain, you can remote control it during your bath, the circle curtain is manual. Curtain system blocks sunshine when it’s hot, and give you necessary privacy when you need.

3m SPA Dome is perfect for a hot tub, if you want more space inside, you can choose 4m or 5m, there are plenty of space inside of 5m dome, you can put some sofa or retro chairs inside of it.

If you have a round swimming pool, we also have a 9m dome.

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Why Choose Excelite Domes Suppliers?


One of the Strongest domes in the world
5mm Polycarbonate sheet, 300 times
stronger than glass
Hailstone proof
Withstand 11 grade Wind, 2m Deep snow
Working temperature from -40°C- 130°C

Quick Assemble

Easy DIY kit
Very assemble friendly design
3 people can set up a dome in 3 hours
30 mins to break it down
Full set of installation instructions with video Portable

Fast ROI

No matter you are going to use the dome for a glamping business or restaurant, Excelitedomes will help you increase your business. All the restaurants with our domes received 3 months advance booking.
The hotel sold out half a year in advance

Worldwide Delivery

We keep stock for each size
Lead time: 10-20 days
Ship worldwide
Safe Seaworthy packing
Door to door service

Unique Design

360 Degree transparent
Easy DIY kit
Different sizes can connect to make ensuite
Widespread Application

All climate

Excelite dome assembled in cold countries like Canada, also we installed in desert-like Joshua tree CA, It suitable for Audi Arabian climate, and you can use it for snow mountain.

One spa dome, thousands of feelings!

You will enjoy your sunbath with a glass of wine under our best quality spa enclosure dome. Also, during the cold weather, you can enjoy a bath in warm water under the open sky. Our pool and spa enclosures are designed to offer the best environment throughout the year. We are the biggest suppliers of SPA Enclosure Domes throughout the world. The quality of our domes are outstanding. You will find our domes affordable and suitable for your needs. Our spa enclosures are the best way to protect the warmer water. The size and pattern of our spa enclosure domes are perfect for covering any size of spa or hot tube.

Excelite SPA Enclosure Domes come with awesome color options and are made with quality materials. It works great to protect your hot tub from all types of natural elements. The SPA domes have an easy assembling process. By using the Excelite SPA enclosure dome, you will make complete utilization of your spa or pool even in harsh winter. After a hectic day, you can make your mind and body relaxed with warm water enclosed in a dome. Also, you can use it to make memories with your loved ones. You can also increase your property valve by installing the spa enclosure domes.

Experience Enjoyment All Round Of Year

Continuing sun rays on hot tubs fade its color, but by installing Excelite SPA Dome, you can preserve its color and life for a long duration. The dome presents a characteristic warm, light and breezy climate where you can even develop tropical plants and have an occasional insight. With us, you get the option of multiple designs and can select the most suitable one.

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