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Hot tub / Spa / Jacuzzi Enclosures 

Excelite Spa Enclosure Dome is not just for Spa, you can use it for your jacuzzi, hot tub, or round swimming spa as a swimming pool enclosure. It’s just a sunroom in your backyard. You can enjoy your backyard or your Spa all year around, no matter what weather condition, what climates are. It’s just cozy inside.

In addition, Excelite Spa Enclosure Dome is not only for a Spa Enclosure but also a garden igloo. You can put sofa inside of it, enjoy warm sunshine, or you can use our Spa Enclosure Dome as an outdoor bar or lounge. It will be very relaxing taking a bath under sunshine with a glass of wine.

How about spending a luxurious relaxing bath time in your garden with Excelite Spa Enclosure Dome?


Spa Gazebo

Why Excelite Spa Enclosure Dome?


  • 5mm Polycarbonate sheet, 300 times
    stronger than glass
  • Hailstone proof
  • Withstand 11 grade Wind, 2m Deep snow
  • Working temperature from -40°C- 130°C

Extend your spa / hot tub life expectancy

With Excelite Spa Enclosure Dome, You can use your hot tub / spa / jacuzzi for more than 25 years. 

Save your time

You don’t need to pick up dirt and leaves floating on water. Easy maintenance. 

Energy efficient

  • Spa Enclosure will keep water temperature warm, so you can save energy and water. 
  • It also decreases evaporation so you can save on water and chemicals.

Unique design

  • 100% transparent & 360 degrees view enables you to enjoy the view taking a bath even in a cold and rainy days. 
  • You can feel connected with nature.

All climate & all weather

Excelite dome assembled in cold countries like Canada, also we installed in desert-like Joshua tree CA, It suitable for Audi Arabian climate, and you can use it for snow mountain. Our dome can stand for any weather and climate. 

A spa enclosure dome, thousands of feelings!

Here are the benefits of Excelite Spa Enclosure Domes;

  • Automatic veiling curtain and manual side curtain will protect your privacy without interrupting view of the surroundings of garden
  • Two windows, a ventilation fan and openable rooftop panel will enable you to control the temperature of inside the dome and go vapour out easily
  • LED light system can create a romantic night bath time and will make you feel relaxed more

We are sure that Excelite Spa Enclosure Domes will take you to a private escape to utmost relaxing dreaming time. You can also increase your propoerty valve by installing our gazebo enclosure domes. We are the biggest suppliers of SPA Enclosure Domes throughout the world. The quality of our spa gazebos are outstanding. You will find our domes affordable and suitable for your needs. 

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Spa Enclosure Dome

Experience Enjoyment All Round of Year

Continuing sun rays on hot tubs fade its colour, but by installing Excelite SPA Dome, you can preserve its colour and life for a long duration. If you want to customise your spa enclosure or if you are looking for a swimming pool enclosure, we are happy to help you. 

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What size should I choose?2022-06-27T16:44:30+10:00
3.5m SPA Dome is perfect for a hot tub, if you want more space inside, you can choose 4.5m or 5.3m, there are plenty of space inside of 5.3m dome, you can put some sofa or retro chairs inside of it. If you have a round swimming pool, we also have a 8.8m dome. If you want to customise your spa / hot tub / jacuzzi enclosure, or if you want to build a swimming pool enclosure, visit here. Our swimming Pool Enclosure team will help you.
How can I water vapour go out?2022-06-27T16:41:16+10:00

You can open the door and windows, we also offer an openable roof top. It allows air flow inside, and let the water vapour go out.

Can you ship to other countries?2022-06-23T16:38:21+10:00

Absolutely! We have shipped more than 2,000 domes to more than 23 countries. No matter where you are located, we will deliver our domes to you.

How long does it take to deliver the dome after it’s ordered?2022-06-23T16:38:56+10:00

It depends on your location. You can contact us to find out what our present lead time is.

What should I do to look after my dome?2022-06-23T16:40:33+10:00

All you need to do is to rinse immediately with clean and cold water and use soft sponge or a microfibre cloth. If you want to use detergent, we recommend you to use a mild soap such as a dishwashing liquid.

Should I blow Excelite Domes like bubble tents?2022-06-23T16:41:07+10:00

You don’t need to blow Excelite dome up like a bubble tent, and the material is polycarbonate, which has no smell and is FDA approved material that can be used for food containers.

What is Excelite Dome made of?2022-06-23T16:41:37+10:00

Excelite Dome is made of polycarbonate sheets, the same material used for engineering-grade bulletproof glass and fighter-jet cockpits. Our dome is solid, hard-sided, 100% clear with 360 degrees view. Because of the material, the dome is UV protected, unbreakable.

Do I need to get a council permission?2022-06-23T16:42:25+10:00

It depends on country or region you are located. However, 2.1M domes and 3.5M domes don’t require council permission. Excelite Igloo Domes don’t require permanent foundation, they are classified as a temporary structure. We highly recommend you to ask your government bodies or local planning office for more detailed information.

Are there any accessories?2022-06-23T16:42:58+10:00

Excelite Igloo Domes include;

  • Windows
  • Security door with swipe cards
  • Ventilation fan
  • LED lighting system
  • Automatic ceiling curtain & manual side curtain

Are delivery and installation included?2022-06-23T16:44:00+10:00

If you are located in Melbourne, installation and delivery are included. Our friendly staffs will help you assemble the dining domes. Even if you’re not located in Melbourne, you can get an installation instruction and our dining domes are DIY friendly. On average, it takes a couple of hours to assemble a dome.

Do we need to prepare for a foundation?2022-06-23T16:45:27+10:00

Yes. The only things you need to prepare for is foundation for our igloo domes. We highly recommend solid foundation such as concrete and wooden decks.

How long is the life expectancy of Excelite Domes?2022-06-23T16:46:19+10:00

The lifespan for our igloo dome is 10 years, no massive colour change or yellowness within 10 years.

How can I protect privacy in such a 100% transparent & 360 degrees view dome?2022-06-23T16:47:02+10:00

We also have a curtain system in the igloo dome (automatic curtain for ceiling and manual one for side), it offers you cozy atmosphere and necessary privacy. In addition, it will protect you from harsh sunlight in summer. If you want to see the stars or snow falling, all you need to do is to push the bottom to open the rooftop curtain.

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