Terms and Conditions

Damaged or faulty items

Did your dome arrive with some damage or scratch? Sometimes this happens, since Excelite dome is made of polycarbonate sheet 5mm, thermoformed, the panels are very big, so in some place may have ripple or dots, that is normal, and it will be in some non-noticeable places. If your scratch is bigger than 20mm, and it’s in the eye catching area, please contact us and we will talk you through your options. 

Missing accessories, incomplete orders

Please just contact us and we’ll look into it.  We will send replace by courier.

Returning an item

Please contact us and we will talk to you how to handle this.

Product care

How to wash my dome?
Excelite glamping dome is made out of polycarbonate sheet, can be easily cleaned utilizing a soft sponge or cloth made from 100% cotton, lukewarm water and a mild dish washing detergent. All surfaces should then be rinsed with cold water and dried with a soft cotton cloth to reduce water spotting

Things to watch out for

Don’t use sharp stuff or rough things to contact the surface of the dome.
It’s made of polycarbonate, it’s easy to get scratch.
If you have to move the dome from one place to another, please make sure you protect each panel by PE film or bubble wrap.

What’s our warranty

5 years warranty for dome panels, and accessories.