Q: What does the dome made of? Do we need inflation?

A: Excelite dome is made out of polycarbonate sheet, 5mm thickness. It’s hard sided, very strong, and UV treated.
300 times stronger than normal glass. Hailstone proof. Unbreakable.
You don’t need inflation for our dome, It’s different with bubble tent.

Q: Is it easy to install and break down? Is it easy to DIY?

A: Yes, the dome is easy to install and break down, you will need 2-3 persons to install it, and it will take 2-3 hours, 2-3 persons to disassemble in 30 mins. 
we have very detailed installation instruction and video to help you. 
Our service team will always be there to support you.

Q: Do I need a foundation, and how does the dome attach on the ground?

A: Yes, you need prepare a foundation before assemble the dome. The foundation can be a deck, or concreate ground. What you need to do just anchor our dome base on your foundation. We have all the screws and accessories.

Q: How much wind does the dome can withstand? How is the snow load?

A: Excelite dome can withstand very strong wind, it can work in 11 grade Wind about 110km/h. And can withstand 2m deep snow load.

Q: What is the temperature the domes can withstand?

A: Excelite domes are made out of polycarbonate sheet. It can work in temperature between -40℃-130℃

Q: Is the dome durable? How many years warranty and lifespan?

A: Excelite domes are very durable, it’s 300 times stronger than normal glass. Unbreakable, hailstone proof.
We provide 5 years warranty, we will replace the problem parts free of charge during 5 years. Excelite domes has 10 years lifespan.

Q: How to heat it in the winter? And how to make it cool in the summer?

A: There are 2 windows and one door with fly mesh to offer nature ventilation.
Electric ventilation system also included in the standard package, we also have solar power ventilation as an option.
Curtain system also help you make it cooler in the dome.
You can always use Air conditioner or heater, floor heating, open fire, etc.

Q: How to protect my privacy in a 360 degree transparent dome?

A: We have electric curtain for the roof top, and manual curtain for the side wall. So you don’t have to worry about exposure. You can simply lay on your bed, and push the button to see the stars.
Curtain also help block the sunshine in the summer time.

Q: Does the dome have chemical odor?

A: No. Polycarbonate has no odor. Unlike PVC film for Geo dome or bubble tent, polycarbonate has no odor, is a very popular building materal.

Q: What is the fire grade for Excelite Domes

A: Polycarbonate sheet is flame resistant, and self-distinguished material. The fire rating of normal polycarbonate panel is V2/UL94

Q: What includes in your standard package of the dome? 

A: It contains the polycarbonate shell, Aluminum base, security door, smart lock, curtain system, windows*2, LED system, Ventilation fan.

Q: How to maintain and clean the dome ?

A: It doesn’t need a special clean, usually rain can keep it clean. Or you can use the hose to clean it with mind soap,Rinse second time and dry with soft cloth/sponge. Do not scrub with brushes or rough fiber.

Q: How do you pack your domes?

A: It will depend on your order quantity, Less than container order, we use wooden craft to protect the domes, for full container we will load the panels of the domes directly in the container. Every panels will be wrapped by bubble film.

Q: How long is your lead time?

A: 10-15 days against your deposit for 1-5 domes. 15-25 days against your deposit for a full container.

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