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If you are looking for create a way for your guests to enjoy the gourmet meals during cold and dard winter evening, or you are looking for winter rooftop bar and restaurant, or you want create a dining outside atmosphere but it’s cozy and comfortable, Excelite Restaurant Dome is one of your best choices.

Sitting in a see-through heated restaurant dome, dining with a view, with the sound of snowflakes touch the dome, it becomes a coolest restaurant trend in the world.

Excelite winter igloo have different sizes suitable for restaurant dome, 2m dome is suitable for romantic couple, 3m dome is suitable for family or a group of friends, it suitable for 3-6 person dinning inside of it. 4m suitable for 6-10 people dining, and 5m is suitable for a big table for more than 15 persons.

Different Excelite restaurant dome also can connect with each other. There is a gate between two domes. You can have lots of creative ideas based on this design.

We also have curtain system in the restaurant dome, it offers you cozy atmosphere and necessary privacy. You just need push the bottom to open the rooftop curtain to see the stars or snow falling.

Excelite restaurant dome is 100% water proof, shatter-proof, with security and access control, you don’t need to worry about the property inside of the door. The lifespan for our dome is 10 years, no massive color change or yellowness within 10 years.

Price is very attractive, with our igloo dome, your restaurant will definitely be an eye catcher.

Send us an inquiry now, check if we have stock. No matter where are you located, we can handle the shipping.

Why Choose Excelite Domes Suppliers?


One of the Strongest domes in the world
5mm Polycarbonate sheet, 300 times
stronger than glass
Hailstone proof
Withstand 11 grade Wind, 2m Deep snow
Working temperature from -40°C- 130°C

Quick Assemble

Easy DIY kit
Very assemble friendly design
3 people can set up a dome in 3 hours
30 mins to break it down
Full set of installation instructions with video Portable

Fast ROI

No matter you are going to use the dome for a glamping business or restaurant, Excelitedomes will help you increase your business. All the restaurants with our domes received 3 months advance booking.
The hotel sold out half a year in advance

Worldwide Delivery

We keep stock for each size
Lead time: 10-20 days
Ship worldwide
Safe Seaworthy packing
Door to door service

Unique Design

360 Degree transparent
Easy DIY kit
Different sizes can connect to make ensuite
Widespread Application

All climate

Excelite dome assembled in cold countries like Canada, also we installed in desert-like Joshua tree CA, It suitable for Audi Arabian climate, and you can use it for snow mountain.

Exquisite And Unique Dining Experience

Are you fond of eating? Do you want to transform your dining experience into a embracing memory? If your answer to all these questions is Yes, then here is a magnificent way to make it a reality. This winter, eat your favourite food in a different and special style. Excelite Dining Domes will give you an unforgettable and mesmerizing experience to enjoy your meal.

Built within charming grounds, taking care of your comfort and luxury and at the same time aiming to provide you with an exceptional dining experience with dining domes. Choose between a baked and classic breakfast, mouthwatering lunch, low-fat snacks or delicious dinner that have been crafted and designed by a professional culinary expert. We are planning to give you a perfect treat for this early winter. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy your meal and wine in an exquisite and exclusive environment in a beautiful dome designed and built with the aim of luxury and a smooth experience for our precious customers. Book your stunning dome and celebrate your special day and delicious meal within bubble domes at affordable prices only with Excelite Domes.

Experience the great Dining

Excelite Dining Domes are set up at spectacular locations surrounded by beautiful views, which you can relish while having your meal. Apart from locations, we offer you delicious meals that will make your experience twice more mesmerizing. All these services are offered at budget-friendly costs with different packages and buffets. Quickly book your dining dome for an unforgettable experience and get a range of exciting discounts.

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