If you have an outdoor hot tub, then most individuals have suggested you go with the spa enclosure domes. Now you are also thinking that do you really need it or not then remove your doubt because its answer is yes. So to help you to some extent, here we are providing some of the important points that will help you to make your mind in selecting the spa enclosure tub.

Buying an outdoor spa tub is a big decision because it is not an economical object. It is a major investment that needs proper care and handling. So as soon as you install your hot tub in the backyard or another outdoor space, then you should start offering the right care to it. But there are certain factors such as weather, noise, neighbour’s prying eyes that cause problems in making the maximum utilization of the hot tub.

  • Complete Privacy

With the use of spa enclosures domes, you don’t have to think about your neighbours. You will remain protected from the prying eyes of your neighbours. No one can shoot your unwanted photos or videos while you are enjoying your hot tub bath. With the surrounding environment, you can do whatever you want to do. You can dress up easily as your privacy is completely protected. You will have total peace of mind by installing the spa domes. With the complete overing, this place will offer you the reason to use it as much as possible. It can act as a good place to release your stress, calm down your mind, and you can enjoy much needed time alone.

  • Safeguard From Outside Elements

The environmental climate does not remain the same throughout the year. During winter, lots of rain occurs that will not allow you to relax in a hot tub. Also, during summertime, the temperature gets too high, and you will not enjoy the spa in the hot tub. But with the instalment of the spa enclosure domes, whatever the climatic condition be, you can enjoy your spa tub. You will always be in perfect condition to use your bathtub.

Besides offering you the right protection, it also offers protection to your hot tub from all types of natural elements. Your tub will remain free from falling branches, small animals and other such outside elements. It increases the usability of the spa tub and the lifetime of the tub.

  • Appreciative Aesthetics

Sometimes, the hot tub placement in a beautiful garden can look awkward and disturb the whole look of your beautiful garden and backyard landscape. If you don’t want to disturb the design of your outdoor space, then prefer using hot tub enclosures. You should place your spa tub in such a manner so that it can please everyone’s eyes.

The hot tub enclosures come in different colours, patterns, shapes and sizes, so you can select the most suitable one that can get blended with your outdoor or backyard design. Different materials are also used for crafting the domes. You will get acrylic glass, wood, steel, and aluminium designed spa enclosures domes. We are sure that Excelite Domes have something for everyone to choose from. We request you to consider your home and outdoor style/architecture while installing domes over the spa tub.

  • Customization Option

Most dome manufacturers offer custom made hot tub enclosures. Thus you can decide the best format, such as including bars, extra windows, plant pots and other things that you desire your spa tub should have. This customization option makes spa tub enclosures the right investment for your spa. You can also add a skylight so that you can enjoy your spa tub even at night. The wider window, sliding door and other things will convince you to use your spa according to your choice.

  • Utilization Of Unused Space

If there is empty space at your home, or you have a large home, and there is some unused space left, then you can use the spa enclosure domes for better utilization of that space. You can turn that place into a private paradise by installing the beautiful hot tub domes. With the best quality spa enclosures domes, you will get a stunning perspective of the backyard.


So now that you have encountered all the benefits of using hot tub enclosures, it’s time to shop around for the best one that can easily fit in outdoor space. Excelite Domes can help you with this. We are the global supplier of the best glamping domes in the market. Excelite Domes has been in the Polycarbonate industry for more than 15 years. We manufacture in China and export polycarbonate material to more than 40 countries. We make a 100% transparent clear dome so that you can appreciate the outside beauty while living inside the dome. You will get clear, durable, and polycarbonate (recyclable material) domes with us.
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