Everyone likes to rest under a clear blue sky or enjoy the beauty of stars and the moon by lying peacefully. You might have heard about the glamping resort domes for enjoying the beauty of nature. If you haven’t heard about it, then you will learn here. In simple words, you can consider glamping resorts as a tent or shelter that can be used anywhere to appreciate the beauty of nature. Glamping resorts have covered a long way, and now you will find a wide variety and pattern of domes.

By installing the glamping resort domes, you will enjoy the beauty of nature without any fear of rain, insects, and rough climatic conditions. Whatever be the condition, you will get the right protection from the unwanted elements with the right shelter. The glamping domes will let you enjoy the moment.

The shape of glamping resorts is mostly observed in the form of a circle. This is because the domes are transparent and mostly manufactured with PVC that is a safe and secure alternative.

Here in the blog, we will highlight some factors that you need to consider while buying the glamping domes for your house.

  • Transparency

The glamping resort domes are transparent and clear. You will be able to see through it. But it is not necessary that you will be able to count the number of stars inside the dome. The glamping resort domes are crafted with polycarbonate material which is much stronger than glass. These sheets block the UV rays by 99%. Thus you will be completely protected from the UV rays while lying inside the dome. Modern technology makes domes crystal clear; thus, you will be able to see everything. Thus if your requirement includes transparency, then you must consider this.

  • Privacy

You might be thinking about how privacy is possible if we are saying that it is a clear and transparent dome. These domes are designed in such a manner so that you can easily install the curtains in a minute at your convenience. By applying curtains of your choice, you can experience complete privacy under beautiful and stylish domes. Also, you can go with colourful domes for privacy.

  • Air Ventilation

If you have ever used domes previously, then you might be knowing the trouble of ventilation. Thus to experience comfortable ventilation inside the dome, there is a need to check this factor. Proper air is required inside the dome to remain comfortable. Some of the domes come with built-in aluminum windows; thus, check out this before buying the glamping resort domes.

  • Easy To Install

If you have to spend lots of effort and time installing the dome, then you will not remain excited to spend time inside the dome. Thus check for those domes which are easy to install. Most of us get frustrated when it takes more than normal time to assemble the dome at a special event. Therefore, go for such domes that can get assembled in a matter of minutes so that you can assemble and disassemble as per your requirement.

  • Durability

Your dome should be durable so that you can enjoy all types of weather without any stress. The dome should sustain the highest impact and does not get damaged in hard conditions. Check out the label and ask manufacturers about the durability factor of the dome.

  • Security

You should check the security aspect of the dome. The glamping resort domes offer a stable surface so that you can enjoy your moment safely. Also, such domes are designed with heat and fire-resistant properties. Therefore, you and your loved ones would remain safe and secure inside the glamping resort. You need to focus on the material of the dome so that you get a reliable and satisfactory feeling inside glamping resort domes.

  • Weatherproof

Your dome should not only be strong, but it should also be used in any type of place. Place here means forest space, hilly places, the rainy season so that you can experience the comfort and stress-free outing. Your shelter should sustain even worse weather. Safety should be your first concern.


A right dome will add more memories to your special event or moment. Excelite Domes has lots of domes for outdoor lovers and campers. We supply domes that are made of high-grade fire rating material and polycarbonate. The fire rating of the polycarbonate sheet is UL 94 HB; it’s a self-distinguishing material. It meets building material standards. You will find assembly-friendly domes with Excelite Domes.