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Is it one of your wishes to spend one whole night under the silence of stars and light of the moon? Have you ever dreamt of spending quality time with your loved one in a beautiful, exquisite and transparent hemisphere? If you have been waiting for such a moment in your life for so long, then we have an exciting way for you to relish this fantastic time with your near and dear one. Geodesic domes will best solve your purpose. Excelite Domes has been the best Domes Suppliers Maldives for more than 15 years. We provide complete 360 degrees transparent domes that will give you a feel of an open sky, making your experience twice more mesmerizing. Excelite Domes Maldives also values the peace and privacy of its valued consumers and therefore provides automatic curtains to safeguard your isolation.

Excelite’s bubble tent sphere is built of excellent fire rating material and polycarbonate, keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions and fulfilling the quality standards. Our extraordinary and expert architecture crew is trained to fulfil customer expectations and give them an enthralling and soothing experience. Excelite Dome is the finest Domes Manufacturers in Maldives and will continue to build classic, latest and exquisite domes and experiences for its precious consumers.

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Why Choose Excelite Domes Suppliers?


One of the Strongest domes in the world
5mm Polycarbonate sheet, 300 times
stronger than glass
Hailstone proof
Withstand 11 grade Wind, 2m Deep snow
Working temperature from -40°C- 130°C

Quick Assemble

Easy DIY kit
Very assemble friendly design
3 people can set up a dome in 3 hours
30 mins to break it down
Full set of installation instructions with video Portable

Fast ROI

No matter you are going to use the dome for a glamping business or restaurant, Excelitedomes will help you increase your business. All the restaurants with our domes received 3 months advance booking.
The hotel sold out half a year in advance

Worldwide Delivery

We keep stock for each size
Lead time: 10-20 days
Ship worldwide
Safe Seaworthy packing
Door to door service

Unique Design

360 Degree transparent
Easy DIY kit
Different sizes can connect to make ensuite
Widespread Application

All climate

Excelite dome assembled in cold countries like Canada, also we installed in desert-like Joshua tree CA, It suitable for Audi Arabian climate, and you can use it for snow mountain.

About Excelite Dome

Excelite have been in Polycarbonate industry for more than 15 years. We manufacturing in China and exporting polycarbonate material to more than 40 countries. Meanwhile, we have been doing lot of finished products out of polycarbonate, pool enclosure is one of our finished products. Lots of customers are asking for SPA enclosure when we were selling pool enclosures. We planned to build a dome for SPA cover in the beginning. When we saw bubble tents getting popular, then we changed our mind, we decided to make a 100% transparent clear dome for living under the stars. After several version’s amendment, the dome we are selling now it’s the 4th version. Have been in polycarbonate industry for two decades, we just love all the magic ideas from this strong, clear, durable, recyclable material– Polycarbonate.

Our Domes Are Perfect For

Glamping Domes

Glamping Resort

Excelite’s Glamping Domes in Maldives are built keeping in mind all the needs of our valued customers. We provide these beautiful pieces of spheres in a variety of sizes, designs and features. With high-grade bulletproof glass and keeping safety standards we provide aerodynamic designs, hot bathtubs and easy to heat and cool features to give you an overwhelming experience in these glamping resort domes.

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Suppose you are longing to enjoy your favourite meal in a transparent and beautiful bubble. In that case, we have the best Dining Domes in Maldives to give you a great experience with a scrumptious taste. We will serve you paradise on your plate. The Dining Domes are built by our expert team, keeping in mind our precious consumers’ comfort, luxury, and taste. Enjoy your best moment with our dining domes.

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Private Garden

Excelite Garden domes are built to serve the purpose of your private gardens. This transparent and soothing igloo is a DIY kit that is quick and easy to install and serves many purposes in a single piece of a hemisphere. You can use these beautiful and customized private gardens as a backyard reconciliation room, offices, a transparent and lovely room, a second dining room to enjoy your night under the sky and much more.

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SPA Enclosure

Excelite is the best SPA Domes Manufacturers in Maldives. The high-quality building material, including polycarbonate and aluminium, is used to build these sphere pieces, including lockable double doors to safeguard your privacy. The robust cedar frame construction and modular designs allow multiple configurations and give you the best SPA experience. So relax and enjoy with our best SPA enclosures domes.

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