Planning your Eco Glamping resort or looking for igloo for your restaurant outdoor dining area?
Or maybe just want to find a gazebo for your garden, or a lounge in your backyard. Tell us your dream, we will help you to make it true.

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Excelite have been in Polycarbonate industry for more than 15 years. We manufacturing in China and exporting polycarbonate material to more than 40 countries. Meanwhile, we have been doing lot of finished products out of polycarbonate, pool enclosure is one of our finished products. Lots of customers are asking for SPA enclosure when we were selling pool enclosures. We planned to build a dome for SPA cover in the beginning. When we saw bubble tents getting popular, then we changed our mind, we decided to make a 100% transparent clear dome for living under the stars. After several version’s amendment, the dome we are selling now it’s the 4th version. Have been in polycarbonate industry for two decades, we just love all the magic ideas from this strong, clear, durable, recyclable material– Polycarbonate.

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