Planning your Eco Glamping resort or looking for igloo for your restaurant outdoor dining area?
Or maybe just want to find a gazebo for your garden, or a lounge in your backyard. Tell us your dream, we will help you to make it true.

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Excelite Domes sizes

Excelite domes offers wide range of sizes for your various of need.
Starts from 2.1m, 3.5m, 4.5m, 5.3m up to 9m(Two storey)
Different sizes dome can connect together to make an ensuit, and there is a door between the two domes. Do any connection, Let your imagination fly

Excelite Dome Dimensions

Size (Diameter) Height Sqm Product Weight


Perfect for
2.1m 2.57m 3.5 216 2 sets dining/Bathroom
3.5m 2.70m 9.1 285 Dining dome
4.5m 3.20m 15.9 398 Dining dome/Glamping double bed
5.3m 3.50m 22.2 510 Dining dome/Glamping double bed
8.8m 5.72m 110(two storey) 3000 Event/dining/glamping

Excelite dome sizes


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Customer Reviews

Can’t be better! We got 1.5 million views in 1 week after the domes installed in my restaurant , I had to hire new staff. Our Instagram followers increased from 150K to 950K in one year.


Lake George winery
Covid caused very negative impact to hospitality and F&B business. However, we are very happy with the dome, obviously our customers love dome too. Not only because they are safer, but also it’s a great opportunity for them to celebrate their special days.


Hozhoni on the hill
We bought one dome from excelite in 2019, we have one container house, bella tent and one dome. The dome is pre-booked for half a year. We are planning to buy 4-5 domes more.

Bob Eveleth

Excelite Dome

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Excelitedomes offers 5 years warranty.
If any accessories or panels have problems, you are able to get your parts replaced free of charge
Product lifespan is 10 years.

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